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Streets for People Challenge

The Streets for People Challenge, launched in the first week of November 2020, is an initiative to inspire cities to create walking-friendly streets through quick measures, in response to COVID-19. The Challenge will support cities across the country to develop a unified vision of streets for people in consultation with stakeholders and citizens. The Challenge requires each city to test at least one flagship walking project and enhance liveability in one neighbourhood. Streets and public spaces around transit hubs, heritage zones, commercial streets, market areas, recreational corridors or any high footfall zones can be considered as potential locations for the flagship project. For cities under the Smart Cities Mission, the interventions will be a pan-city initiative and not limited to the ABD area only.

The Streets for People Challenge is open to all cities under the Smart Cities Mission, capital cities of States/UT's and cities with a population of over 5 lakh population. For the Smart Cities, the interventions are a pan-city initiative and not limited to the ABD area only. A total of 113 cities have registered for the challenge. In the first Stage proposals are invited for Pilot intervention and conceptual scale-up plan. The better performing cities as per the implementation reports will be selected for the Stage 2 of the Challenge and will be assisted for Scaling up the transformation and strategizing measures for long-term impact.

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