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India Urban Observatory (IUO)

A state-of-the-art India Urban Observatory has become operational: as cities begin to implement ‘smart’ solutions, data is becoming a significant asset and an enabler for data driven governance, leading to urban transformation. The Observatory will plug into various sources of data from cities both from real-time and archival sources for generating insights through analytics for cities, academia, industry and governments. The Mission has set up the IUO at the Ministry office in New Delhi. The Observatory is at the heart of all the technology initiatives and plug into the different sources of data from the cities, both from real-time and archival sources.

The Observatory is designed to provide an interactive showcase of collective insights on cities over various parameters using data through various sensors, devices, third party sources including citizens and social media. The IUO website ( was launched on 9th March 2020. With this step, the Ministry aims to disseminate knowledge in the form of insights / trends generated at the IUO as well as provide a platform for citizen engagement in the urban ecosystem. The website will also act as a repository of visual resources and urban data collected through multiple sources. It will also enable users to plot data on GIS map and generate insights.