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India Smart Cities Awards Contest (ISAC)

India Smart Cities Awards Contest (ISAC) was launched to reward the cities, projects and innovative ideas promoting 'smart; development in cities. All the Smart Cities' SPVs are eligible to submit their nominations for the ISAC. The second edition of the awards, i.e. ISAC 2019 was announced on 31 January 2019, through a video conference. Smart Cities. ISAC 2019 was a two-stage submission process: first stage or 'Qualifying Stage' involves overall assessment of the city's performance and second stage or 'Proposal Stage' requires smart cities to submit their nominations for two categories viz. Project Award and Innovative Idea Award. Winners of India Smart Cities Awards Contest 2019 under various categories are given in Annexure III. The third edition of awards, ISAC 2020 was announced on 25 August 2020. All 100 smart cities participated in this edition of ISAC. In this edition, a special award 'COVID Innovation Award' was introduced to recognize the cities on the work done in prevention of COVID-19. The jury is currently evaluating the proposals and the results will be declared in the last week of January 2021.

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