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Data Maturity Assessment Framework (DMAF)

To catalyse the adoption of data-centric governance, Smart Cities Mission has conceptualized 'DataSmart Cities'-Strategy to leverage the potential of data to address complex urban challenges in 100 Mission Cities. In the path towards creation of culture of Data in cities the Data Maturity Assessment Framework (DMAF) has been framed. The intent of DMAF is to provide a comprehensive set of indicators under its 2 pillars – Systemic and Sectoral which will help assess each city's readiness towards data. Through different cycles of the DMAF, both these pillars will gain different weightages to ensure a gradual and smooth movement of a city towards implementation of DataSmart Cities Strategy from both a policy advocacy as well as practical execution perspective. The First cycle of DMAF was conducted between May – August 2019 in which 99 cities participated. It was based on the systemic pillar only so that all cities can reach a common minimum threshold of data maturity before assessing them on their maturity on sectoral data readiness. Based on the successful completion of the first cycle of DMAF; the learnings, progress and feedback from cities have been incorporated to formulate the framework for the DMAF Second cycle, which was launched in November 2020 and assessment is underway.

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