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Capacity Building Frameworks on the National Urban Learning Platform (NULP)

The National Urban Learning Platform is a content neutral, scalable and multi-channel platform which can be used for producing and delivering capacity through a 360 degree approach. NULP is envisioned as a means of digitally consolidating key skills and knowledge required by urban stakeholders and making these available to all actors on the channel of their choice. NULP includes tools to enable and streamline content creation, content organization and management, course building, course management, assessment and certification.

These tools enable the ecosystem of training institutions, urban experts and academia to rapidly digitize their existing course materials while creating new interactive and engaging types of content as well. This learning platform enables the creation of multilingual content to ensure that language does not form a barrier to learning. NULP actively engages with and enrolls training institutions, schools, civil society and other knowledge creators in India and abroad to ensure that there is a variety of content on a wide range of topics available on demand. The NULP team also works closely with these stakeholders to help align their programs with and scale their reach.

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