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Smart Cities Mission (SCM) is actively providing support for rapid response in COVID 19 management. The Integrated Command and Control Centers (ICCC) set up under the mission in various Smart Cities including Bangalore, Pune, Agra and Vadodara to name a few have been transformed into war rooms for real time monitoring and effective management of the pandemic using technology. The mission collated best practices across Smart Cities in fighting COVID 19. These practices were around gathering information, rapid communication, active management of COVID infected areas and people and take proactive steps in avoiding spread of the pandemic. These have been documented and shared with all the Smart City CEOs and Municipal Commissioners and can be replicated in other cities. SCM has collated information on food and shelter provision with location and contact details of food distribution, shelter homes and kitchens that exist or newly started across the Smart Cities. This information has been shared across the city stakeholders and is accessible via Google maps. COVID Response in Smart Cities can be classified in four quadrants, viz., Information, Communication, Management and Preparedness.

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