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S.No. Title
1.  Tender Document for Water Supply distribution Network Project, Bhopal (Kolar)
2.  Tender Document for Water Supply Scheme of Municipal Corporation, Bhopal (Bhauri)
3. RFP for Selection of Contractor for Implementation of Continuous (24 x 7) Pressurised Water Supply in NDMC and Operation & Maintenance of the System for the Period of Five Years.
Volume-1 Technical Bid Part-1. 
Volume-2 Technical Bid Part-1. 
Price Bid Part-II. 
4. Tender document for 24x7 Water Supply Project, Nagpur city . 
5. EOI and RFQ for 24 x 7 Water Supply Project, Nagpur City . 
6.  Bhagalpur
Bidding Document For Procurement Of Rehabilitation, Construction, Operation, Maintenance and Management of Bhagalpur Water Supply Project 1 (BWSP1)
Prequalification of Bidders.
7.  Design, construction, supply, installation, testing andcommissioning and operating for 15 years under Hybrid AnnuityModel (Which will include all Civil, Mechanical, electrical,instrumentation & other necessary works) of STP’s (25 MLD + 10MLD + 5 MLD) based on SBR Process (equivalent or higherprocess) having provision for reuse of 50% treated water of UdaipurTown