Ministry of Urban Development
Government of India


Presentations from Workshop (3rd & 4th November, 2016) 

    1.   Financing Strategy
    2.   Linking Cities with Domestic Markets - Tamilnadu Experience
    3.   Safeguard Requirements
    4.   Outline of Current Municipal Financing Markets

PPP & Procurement Training Workshop (1st & 2nd June, 2016) 


    1.   Compendium on Public Private Partnership in Urban Infrastructure Case Studies
    2.   Good Practices in Urban Water Management Decoding Good Practices for a Successful Future
    3.   Nagpur: PPP in city-wide water supply
    4.   Tool Kit for Public–Private Partnerships in Urban Water Supply for the State of Maharashtra, India

         Presentations Day 1

    1.   Smart City PPPs
    2.   Picking the right private partner
    3.   Revenue Models, Financing Options and Value Capture
    4.   Public Private Partnerships, Management and Governance

         Presentations Day 2

    1.   Overview of Public Procurement
    2.   Overview of PPP Procurement Process
    3.   Overview of Contract Management Practices

Presentations in Workshop on India Smart Cities Mission: Next Steps (22nd February, 2016) 

    1.   Presentation on Smart City Proposal (Bhubaneswar)
    2.   Presentation on The Winning Proposal (Pune)
    3.   Presentation on Preparing Smart City Proposal (Jaipur)
    4.   Presentation on Smart Cities and MyGov
    5.   Presentation on Smart Cities Mission(Ministry of New and Renewable Energy)
    6.   Presentation on Convergence of CGD Network development with the Smart City Mission(Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas)
    7.   Presentation on Smart City (Indore)
    8.   Presentation on Bilbao's Transformation

Presentation during Proposal Enhancement Workshop (21st November, 2015) 

    1.   Presentation on CGD by Mr. Ashutosh Jindal (JS-M/o P&NG)

    2.   Presentation on IPDS in Smart Cities by Mr. A.K.Verma(JS-M/o POWER)

    3.   Presentation on Solar Energy applications in Smart Cities by Mr. Tarun Kapoor(JS-M/o NRE)

    4.   Presentation on Smart Solutions in developing ICT frameworks by Mr. Rajeev Kumar (JS-M/o C & IT)

Idea Camp (6th & 7th October, 2015)  

    1.    Cities for Citizens: Process of Engagement
    2.    Financing Smart City Projects Session Worksheet
    3.    Envisioning Smart Cities
    4.    MEDELLIN: Social Urbanism

Presentations - Regional Workshop on Smart Cities (3rd Sepetember, 2015)  

    1.    Smart Cities Mission Guidelines
    2.1  Preparation of Smart City Plan & Proposal
    2.2  Self-Assessment
    3.    Financing of Smart Cities
    4.    Smart Cities Mission on MyGov
    5.    AUROVILLE - An Incubation Centre for Smart City Development
    6.    Frugal Smart Solutions for Pan City Development
    7.    India Smart Cities Challenge

PM Launches Smart Cities Mission Day 1 Presentations  

    1. Presentation on Smart Cities Mission by JS(SC)
    2. Presentation on PPP Approach for Smart Cities by Economic Advisor (MoUD)
    3. Presentation by NASSCOM-on Smart Solutions
    4. Presentation on Citizens for City
    5. Presentation on Saifee Burhani Upliftment Trust(SBUT) for Amrut & Smart Cities